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Location Facets

September 30, 2013

fac·et n. One of numerous aspects, as of a subject.

We mentioned in our last post the addition of category facets, and how it would be cool to combine with location facets, and this is live on Zenbu now.

Based on the actual coordinates on the map, each entry will automatically get a number of different location groups.

In New Zealand this is Suburb, City and Region whereas in Australia it is State and Postcode.

The cool thing about all this is how it enhances both searchability and browsability  of  Zenbu data. These are the key methods for finding information.

1. Search. An entry now becomes searchable by the words in the Location Facets even if those words aren’t in the address. For example many people might drop the region when entering an address but the Location Facet will effectively add it back in.

2. Browse. We can provide a single URL for every location and every category within it. E.g. Looking for restaurants in Mission Bay? Or hairdressers in Greymouth all which can be reached by 1 or 2 clicks from other relevant entries.

So far we’ve used openly accessible sources for our Location Data.

NZ Suburbs and Cities: NZFS Localities

NZ Regions: Statistics NZ Digital Boundaries

Australia States and Postcodes: Australian Bureau of Statistics Digital Boundary Files

We’re still looking for a good source of Australian suburbs shape data. Can you help?


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