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Zenbu in Action Nov 2012

November 1, 2012

One of the down sides to the Creative Commons Attribution license is that there is no requirement to tell us what you do with all the freely available Zenbu data. But we love hearing about it, so please do let us know! Today we heard from Dr. Stacy Rendall about how he has been using Zenbu data. In his own words…

We use Zenbu for work focused upon understanding energy issues relating to transport within urban forms. I recently completed my PhD which developed a GIS based tool to estimate the ability of people to adapt to energy supply issues, which is a function of transport infrastructure and destination availability. For that project we used Zenbu to show us destination locations.

Our research has developed a methodology for estimating the ability of households to adapt to future transport energy supply constraints. This characterisation requires a significant amount of data, including transport networks, household locations, and employment and activity facilities. The activity facilities data is most difficult to come by, as no New Zealand national body reliably collects this information in a GIS-ready format.

We found out about Zenbu through the Koordinates website. The Everything from Zenbu  dataset is the best data source available for our requirements, as it is nation-wide and has a large number of contributors, including, for example, the Ministry of Education for school destinations.

Another project we have just started is looking at is some redevelopment within Christchurch to house people displaced from the earthquakes, and we will use Zenbu data to get an idea of current activity destinations (Employment, Education, Shopping, Medical etc) as context for the project.

Dr. Stacy Rendall
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Canterbury


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