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Big Diff

February 17, 2012


This is one for the power users, the data crunchers, the hardcore Zenbu users who are committed to making sure the information on the site is as accurate as possible.

We’ve always had a complete version history on Zenbu so you could see the entry as it existed through time. Now we’ve added a side-by-side difference engine so that you can compare two edits and easily identify what changes were made. Changes use red and green highlighting to show what was deleted and added. Depending on the field, it could be by character or word; on the map we’ll display both locations.

You can see this screen on any entry with a history by clicking on the “Back in time” link on the entry listing.

I trust this will help give better visibility for changes. Wise men have said “With enough eyes, all bugs are shallow“; on Zenbu I think that means that with enough people looking at and using the data we can make the data as current and accurate as possible.




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