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A guest post by Wayne

October 25, 2011
Wayne:  was in yellow today, getting ripped off, and they gave me a list of “most popular biz directories” % share
1. Yellow (31%)
2. Finda (24%)
3. Whitepages (18%)
(all  three owned by yellow group)
4. Zenbu (8%)
Go Zenbu!
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  1. October 26, 2011 4:25 am

    Back of envelope analysis – if “Yellow” is worth $1 billion [haven’t checked their current market capitalisation for a long time so it might not be anywhere near that] and Zenbu has 8% market share [whatever that means], then Zenbu is worth $100 million.

    But what a business is worth is really the value to the users [which includes the consumer surplus]. Echronomic analysis might give a better figure. Echronomy 101

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