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Facebook Integration

February 22, 2011

Facebook grows more ubiquitous day by day.

I must admit to feeling jealous twinges for the digital freedom of my ex-(Facebook)-friends who have committed Facebook Suicide and returned to analogue relationships. However I’m reluctant to give up these voyeuristic powers, for now; let’s take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes…

We recently added Facebook Pages to the basic entry profile so now you can instantly see how many people, and particularly how many of your friends, like any particular store, brand or location. If you Like your favourite restaurant, retailer, dentist or plumber then you’ll help your friends discover personally recommended shops and services.

At first we set it up so that you’ll actually be liking the Zenbu page representing that entry, which is still the default if an entry does not have an official Facebook Page.

Then we realised that lots of businesses have spent a lot of time building up the fan base of their official page, so if an entry does have an official Facebook Page then we use that. So far the New Zealand entity we’ve seen with the most fans is Giapo, the ice cream store, with a fairly amazing 14,000+ fans. Are there any other NZ Facebook success stories?

One big suggestion for Facebook Page owners:

If you have more than 25 fans you should think about registering a user name for your Facebook Page to get a ‘pretty’ Facebook URL like

You can do this from

It’s dead simple and a major improvement on the random id number you had previously.


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