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July / Aug 2010 on Zenbu

September 8, 2010

841 edits from 207 users in July. The top 10 users were

zenbu 403
burgla 56
Linzi 18
MauriceWinn 17
onco_p53 13
netaction 10
info1 10
muriwai_wanderers 9
The-Organist 9
danham 8

and 542 edits from 233 users in August. The top 10 users were

zenbu 55
burgla 45
ShadowEngineer 28
MauriceWinn 19
Clubbie 16
muriwai_wanderers 16
Oblivian 15
netaction 12
newhomebuilders 10
Kiwi_Moose 10

I’m travelling at the moment and have been a bit slow getting the stats up, remember you can always get the latest from

One thing I’ve realised on my journey is that NZ travellers have an amazing tool in Zenbu. Internet can be expensive and difficult to access while travelling and the ability to find things – tourist information, accommodation, restaurants, supermarkets, attractions – makes life so much easier.

Are Lonely Planet and other tourist guides telling everybody to download the Zenbu mobile app before they arrive in NZ yet? Offline pocket access to local information is a killer app. Actually, our sister service of Zenbu wi-fi is also killer for travellers too, pay-as-you-go cheap wifi data in over 300 locations around the country. Go Zenbu! I wish it was in Europe!


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