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April 2010 on Zenbu

May 4, 2010

There were 1576 edits from 186 users in April. The top 10 editors were

zenbu 896
garyt 190
gcrawford1050 65
MauriceWinn 51
astrae 48
burgla 39
onco_p53 28
Linzi 12
Kiwi_Moose 7
The-Organist 5

gcrawford1050 is a new user who really mucked in updating a lot of entries around Upper Hutt, astrae has done the same around Hastings; it’s always cool to see fresh energy arrive and add so much value.

Also every location of a variety of chain stores was added: King of Knives, Bin Inn, MoleMap, SaveMart, Diva, StrandBags, T&T Childrenswear.

This month we added the ability for people to sign up & login using existing details from major providers such as Facebook, Gmail or LinkedIn. This lowers the bar for getting involved and we hope to see more active users. Thanks to everyone who’s searched, viewed, edited or mentioned Zenbu this last month.


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