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March 2010 on Zenbu

April 13, 2010

1459 edits from 209 users in March. We did hit the very impressive number of 300,000 page views for the month which is very cool. It’s only 1/5000th of TradeMe’s traffic but that’s a good goal for us to aim for 🙂 . The top 10 editors were

zenbu 460
garyt 206
burgla 182
GaryMck 80
ledgy 48
ArrivalNZ 43
rc8 28
MauriceWinn 25
FantomFan 21
onco_p53 16

rc8 added a batch of missing DOC campsites that were noticed missing over Summer.

The chain stores of The Athlete’s Foot and Bras n Things had every  store added by zenbuBathroom Direct, Tile Direct and Autoglas Stieger by garyt. It’s nice to know we’re that much closer to our goal of “finding everything”. Zenbu NZ has over 92,000 entries which is only a small step from the 300,000 in the Yellow Pages. Up, up and away.


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