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February 2010 on Zenbu

April 13, 2010

So I go to do the March update for the last month and realised I missed the February update! Sorry people, the Kiwi summer has just been too good but now that daylight savings is over we can all retreat to our computer caves for the long dark winter and get some real work done.

There were 3208 edits from 167 users in February. The top 10 users were

zenbu 1436
onco_p53 912
burgla 429
garyt 67
beddhist 31
MauriceWinn 22
FantomFan 19
alunh40 15
Kiwitonita 12
Kiwi_Moose 9

One of the coolest additions this month came from onco_p53 who added almost 900 entries from the NZ Historic Places Trust. Historic Places include bridges, memorials, pa, archaeological sites, buildings, mining sites, cemeteries, gardens, shipwrecks, and many other types of places. The places added had category 1 status which is given to places of  “special or outstanding historical or cultural heritage significance or value”. These  give great context to other entries on Zenbu when you can see that they are nearby such well known landmarks.

zenbu added every shop in the Syliva Park mall precisely on the map, the process detailed here.

February was another boom month for traffic (despite being shorter), and I’ll talk more about that in March (coming up straight away rather than in 6 weeks!)


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