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January 2010 on Zenbu

February 3, 2010

Another cracker month of 20% growth in pageviews. 240,000 pageviews is a healthy number – that makes us about 0.017% of Trade Me’s traffic for the same month. Wow 40,000 pages a minute is staggering for an NZ site (New Zealander’s love their auctions!).

There were 1,794 edits from 191 different users in January with the top 10 users being

zenbu 561
burgla 330
ArrivalNZ 174
GaryMck 133
marsbar 52
onco_p53 50
hoogy 33
beddhist 26
findnzdev 26
Kiwi_Moose 24

ArrivalNZ is a new user from the magazine of the same name who added a large number of visitor attractions around the country. This is great content for international and local tourists.

marsbar added all the Whangarei public toilets. Nice work!

All the other top 10 editors have shown real commitment to Zenbu, adding or editing entries not only in their own area but all around the country. Thank you to everybody who helps out every month, your efforts are appreciated by me and all of the 150,000 New Zealanders using Zenbu each month.


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