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November 2009 on Zenbu

December 1, 2009

There were 7,223 edits from 103 different users in November with 112,000 unique visitors and over 160,000 pageviews. The biggest editors were

zenbu 6090
GaryMck 275
burgla 234
garyt 102
onco_p53 96
rodo 76
Pulinski 46
MauriceWinn 32
beddhist 25
vrod_rider 24

Most of the Zenbu edits were from the upload of every Health Practitioner as mentioned previously but there were high numbers of edits from a diverse range of people which is really cool.

GaryMck added a bunch of accommodations in the Southland area.

Burgla used his extensive travelling to fine tune the location of many entries on the map, helping everyone else locate things exactly.

onco_p53 has only been a member for 5 days but already rocketed into the leader chart entering a variety of information on locations of government offices, facilities at Auckland University and cemeteries in Rotorua district. A very promising debut!

rodo hand placed on the map Fire Stations from all over the country, another valuable contribution.

Thanks to everyone who edited, searched or used Zenbu in November. It’s a thrill watching the site content and usage grow.


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