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October 2009 on Zenbu

November 9, 2009

There were 5,425 edits from 118 different users in October with 110,000 unique visitors and over 160,000 pageviews. The biggest editors were

zenbu 4694
pb12 195
garyt 81
burgla 79
brownees172 59
GaryMck 43
MauriceWinn 23
hoogy 18
jonzee 16
rodo 12

Nice one team! The bulk of the Zenbu numbers was made up of the entry of every Early Childhood Centre (kindergartens and childcare centres) nationwide from a Ministry of Education list. I’m not actively looking for any of these myself but I know that a lot my friends soon will be so it’s great to have this available.

The number of edits on Zenbu will always be several orders of magnitude smaller than the number of views, but as the visibility of Zenbu data scales up, up and away (with increased exposure on search engines and third party sites) we will pull in more and more editors. Reducing the “barriers to entry” is important which is why we try to make the process of editing so simple that anyone can do it with zero training. We do appreciate the ideas we get from the community about how to improve this so please keep that coming.

Zenbu NZ now has well over 82,000 listings, 6 figures isn’t far away and that is exciting!

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  1. March 24, 2013 11:17 am

    Hi Cherie, it’s possible you searched for “pay phone” (two separate words) but they’re all marked in Zenbu as “payphone” (one word) so weren’t found as we didn’t have that synonym active. It is now; sorry for the bother.

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