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September 2009 on Zenbu

October 7, 2009

There were 3301 edits from 147 users in September with over 100,000 unique visitors to the website for the fourth month in a row.  It’s so encouraging to know that Zenbu is helping thousands of New Zealander’s every month find the basic information they need. Thanks to everyone using Zenbu, searchers and editors.

Top 10 editors in September were

zenbu 2422
rc8 333
hoogy 90
GaryMck 55
pb12 48
brownees172 31
tgclark 24
MauriceWinn 21
garyt 18
burgla 17

Vianet provided basic information on over 1500 accommodations nationwide and added another 100; this is an excellent boost to one of the most searched categories.

RC8 provided a bunch of spreadsheets of chain stores: Bed Bath and Beyond, Frank Casey Suit Hire, Heathcote Appliances, Les Mills, Pascoes, SBS Bank, Shanton, Pumpkin Patch, Urban Angel and Dog’s Breakfast. Some of the Store Locators for such chains can leave a lot to be desired so it’s great to know this info is readily available in Zenbu.

Hoogy is working on a project to share the locations of Free WiFi spots around NZ and is kindly updating Zenbu as well. Great stuff Hoogy.

GaryMck is making edits all over the country – either he travels a lot or he is letting his fingers do the walking from his desktop! It’s amazing how much Zenbu-ing can be done from the comfort of your home combining internet research, StreetView, Satellite imagery and local knowledge. The Add Neighbour link on each entry page was added this month as an assist for you desktop Zenbu’ers as a way to help people make sure every shop on a street is in Zenbu.

pb12 is another cool story. He is a user of the NZOGPS Garmin GPS maps, which uses Zenbu data freely under our CC license, and noted that he couldn’t find his local Hamilton sports park, because they weren’t entered. Working from a list on the Hamilton City Council website he added every park in the city with details about the facilities available. Very cool. Go Hamilton! Go Zenbu!

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  1. October 30, 2009 10:01 pm

    Gee thanks for the credit!
    I suddenly realised one day walking to work that the POIs were hopelessly out if date and made it a personal mission to correct and add in every business on my daily work commute – 3.5km journey !

    This includes the very centre of Hamilton CBD. one thing lead to another while looking up addresses if chain stores and before I knew it, I’d ended up with addresses if hundreds all around NZ,

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