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July 2009 on Zenbu

August 4, 2009

2928 edits from 126 users on Zenbu in July. The biggest editors were

zenbu 1608
TeamHunterGatherer 624
psychochicken 124
SteveA 92
burgla 53
tepuna 34
jfactor 27
brownees172 27
jonzee 27
Gremlin 26
MauriceWinn 24
vrod_rider 22
skycity 21
garyt 13
Linzi 12
paul111 8
Spiker 8
mightyman 8

An exciting development which I hinted at last month was the addition of almost every car dealer in the country by TeamHunterGatherer from Thanks very much Autotrader! It’s wonderful to hear from people who ‘get’ the Zenbu concept and see that we can all be better off by sharing.

psychochicken added the petrol brand names, such as Synergy or Ultimate, to petrol stations around the country. Petrol stations do push that brand on their signs so it makes sense for it to be in Zenbu too although I’d love to know how people are using that as I’m not sure myself!

SteveA did a lot of work on all the Speed Cameras which are listed in Zenbu. I understand these are exported and used in the Garmin map project to provide custom alerts for GPS users. Very nifty, very cool.

tepuna is a new member who went to town on their local area Te Puna / Bethlehem / Omokoroa (just north of Tauranga). I love to see people get involved and add/edit lots of content in their locality. It makes Zenbu useful for them and everyone else who goes looking for things in the area. Nice one!

Actually a whole bunch of big editors last month so apologies for not hat tipping everybody but thank you to each and every one of you. Cheers!


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