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April 2009 on Zenbu

May 6, 2009

1756 edits from 114 users in April, solid work team! The biggest editors were

zenbu 1369
hoogy 66
FantomFan 27
MauriceWinn 27
burgla 23
Gremlin 17
gavin 16
carlh 10
grant 9
xr6_112001 8
308gtb 8
Nedd 7
pcm 6
PGrueber 6
Nickb 6

One of the big wins of the month was the addition of 400 New Zealand physiotherapists. I tweaked my knee playing soccer and could not find a comprehensive collection of physios on Zenbu. I did however find the list of endorsed physios on the ACC website which were quickly added. We are still missing some physios, as not every physio is endorsed by ACC, so if your physio isn’t on Zenbu be sure to add them in!

Another, slightly embarrassing, anecdote from April was when we were contacted by the Communications Manager of VTNZ Vehicle Testing Stations and advised that somehow we had almost every single phone number for their locations incorrect. Provided with a current spreadsheet of all the VTNZ locations we quickly fixed that up and added a few new stations. Turns out a bunch of customers had complained to VTNZ about their details being wrong on Zenbu. Great that people are using Zenbu! Bummer we had those details wrong! Great that they are fixed now! Thanks to VTNZ for clearing it all up. 

If the details of a business on Zenbu are incorrect please feel free to edit it yourself. The information in Zenbu is prone to change regularly so we rely on you, the people on the street, to help make sure Zenbu reflects the real world.

Zenbu is edited collaboratively by volunteers from all around New Zealand. Anyone is welcome to add information and you do not need specialised qualifications to contribute. Zenbu’s aim is to capture basic factual information that would be available to anyone walking down the street in the real world. You can add new listings or edit existing ones in a simple online form. 

A few people have commented to me of late that they actually, really enjoy contributing to Zenbu which is cool to hear. I’m going to create some more material for the power users of the site soon, sharing some of my tips for how to get the most out of, and into, Zenbu. Thanks to everyone who edits, searches, uses and talks about Zenbu – keep it up!


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