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Orphan Directories

April 27, 2009


Unloved Bedraggled Yellow Pages

Unloved Bedraggled Yellow Pages

I saw this sad sight on Friday morning. One month after delivery the directories lie unwanted on the street, a visual blight on an otherwise clean leafy street. Won’t somebody take pity on them and at least chuck them in a recycling bin?

I hear more and more anecdotal evidence of people chopping their Yellow Pages advertising spend completely. On the other hand a 30 something medical professional told me last week he actually used the physical directory frequently. I was somewhat amazed until he explained that he didn’t have access to a computer; if he did have a computer he would have Googled it. This is surely an ever-growing trend. As internet access and electronic information becomes more ubiquitous (such as the Zenbu app on your iPhone or Windows Mobile) the utility of these paper directories will plummet. Expect to see more and more orphans on our streets in the years to come.

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