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January 2009 on Zenbu

February 12, 2009

4300 edits from 104 different users. Another awesome month! For me the most exciting thing of January was the addition of every payphone location in the country, maybe I excite too easily… Kiwitonita had been working with (pestering?) Telecom for months to get them to release the data and they finally did. I have no idea why I’d want to find the nearest payphone in these days of ubiquitous cellphones but it’s damn cool that I can!

The big committers for January are

Kiwitonita 2984
zenbu 807
hexzed 182
garyt 46
burgla 26
rodo 20
darb672 18
lapimate 18
vrod_rider 10
hoppers99 10
RonJ 9
hotcode 8

and of course it’s great to see such a long tail of people (72) doing just one edit. It’s so easy to get involved and every little bit counts.



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