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iPhone app update 2.22

February 12, 2009

Zenbu must be in the good books with Apple, verification has taken less than 48hrs for both of the last updates when it use to take at least a week. Either that or nobody is submitting apps anymore but I struggle to believe that.

This version fixes every reported bug or problem so far. The last outstanding one was the fact that a pin wouldn’t drop onto the map when you opened the Map application from Zenbu, it does now – hurrah. The lastest Zenbu data update also pushes us up over the 64,000 entry mark (was that the answer to the $64,000 question?)

Now my only bug is that some of the reviews on the AppStore are hopelessly out of date. The few lengthy detailed reviews had some great feedback which we took on board and fixed. Now those reviews are simply irrelevant. Apple doesn’t provide any way to contact the reviewers so I suppose the only way to get rid of them is for others to vote them down as un-useful.

Hopefully some other users write some more relevant current reviews (hint, hint!)

This update also added a simple info screen. The app has always tried to be intuitive but it can’t hurt to have some explicit instructions.

Ooh, one other thing, I heard that the Marketing Manager for Apple NZ was a fan of the Zenbu app. Nifty!

If you haven’t already you can get the iPhone app yourself from the link below, it will open in iTunes.


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