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September 2008 on Zenbu

October 2, 2008

What a month.  I know, I know, I say it every month but this was the biggest, bestest month yet.

  • Visits were up 80% on August, now regularly hitting 2000 unique visitors a day,
  • 90% of that traffic comes directly from Google, the search engine took a fervent interest in Zenbu last month with a
  • 300% growth in Zenbu pages in the Google index. 

Anecdotally I am hearing more and more stories of people who get the information they need from Zenbu, which is great when you live in a technology bubble and the majority of interaction with users is anonymous.

There was an excellent count of 2896 edits on the site from 97 unique users. The long tail of small editors just gets longer every month which is very cool, and the regular editors keep up the impressive work.
zenbu 1039
hexzed  766
peejayw 288
Glars 205
rc8 168
fuhsiang  88
freddo  41
GaryMck 35
burgla  31
stridey 17
MauriceWinn 16
reganl  12
chichi  11
bulkhead  11
HiggyRSQ  11
The-Organist  10

The councils continued to drip feed the food premise information with
Hamilton data coming from rc8
New Plymouth from zenbu
Invercargill from GaryMck (not in yet, processing now)
Whangarei from peejayw

Hexzed stands out as my user of the month for September. No bulk uploading contributed to his 766 edits, every single one was done by hand, putting in a ton of effort around the Paraparaumu area as well as adding/fixing up chain stores all around the country. Bravo.


Zenbu at #5 on the app store

Zenbu at #5 on the app store

The Zenbu iPhone application took off to high acclaim on Sep 6. I wasn’t really watching the first few weeks but did notice it at number 5 on the top free apps list for the NZ store on Sep 22, did anyone else see it higher? (Apple doesn’t provide any download count statistics amazingly) Version 2.0 will be out shortly and features a massively improved detail display and ‘nearest’ search functionality. Rad. Of course it will also feature the very latest dataset from, so get updating…


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