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August 2008 on Zenbu

September 3, 2008

Woohoo! Zenbu hit 50,000 records in August with a strong month of development from a wide group of users. All up 2749 edits from 57 users. The biggest ones were

zenbu     1755
dab672     296
hexzed     273
nzgooner     184
ParnellMainstreet     56
MauriceWinn     25
GaryMck     24
vrod_rider     23
burgla     15
Glars     14
ggl     8
garyt     6

Zenbu’s high numbers were largely due to the Christchurch City Council providing a list of 1841 food premises in the area (at least 300 of which were already in).

New user dab672 raced to the top of the charts by building up the information around the Lincoln, Christchurch area as well as adding the Hammer Hardware, Hirepool, Hirequip, Henry’s Spirits, Ravensdown & Europcar chains!

Hexzed continued adding detail around the Kapiti Coast area and NZGooner did the same around Papakura. Keep up the great work.

As always a big thank you to everyone who contributes!

In other news, NZ online mapping darling Zoomin has republished over 27,000 records from Zenbu on their site which is great recognition of Zenbu as a valued data source. Zenbu data is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License and Zoomin has given fair attribution by linking to Zenbu from each record. It’s currently a bit annoying that Zoomin ranks higher on Google sometimes for content taken from Zenbu, but hopefully that’ll work out in the long run!

We’ve submitted a simple Zenbu application to the iPhone appstore, it is still being processed so more about that as we hear from Apple.


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