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Tag Clouds

August 15, 2008

Wikipedia says a tag cloud (or weighted list in visual design) is a visual depiction of user-generated tags used typically to describe the content of web sites.

They’re also a nice intuitive zeitgeist of content on the site and easier explained by just seeing one, well here are two!
The top 200 activity words used on Zenbu
The top 200 address words used on Zenbu

Each entry in Zenbu is meant to be a real world thing of public interest, be it commercial or non-commercial (like ‘public toilets’), but there are no restrictions on the content that goes into Zenbu. The tag clouds are cool because they show how order is created from chaos.

The most popular activity words are what you would expect (accommodation, restaurant, cafe, school, takeaways) the things that most frequently occur in the real world (food, rest & education).

The most popular address words, outside of the somewhat obvious choices of ‘road’ and ‘street’, are auckland, wellington, christchurch and dunedin in gradually decreasing order.

These will be good pages to show vaguely interested relatives at family functions when they ask questions like,

“Is Zenbu nationwide yet?” Yes – it always has been.
“What can you find on Zenbu?” Everything – (well almost…)


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