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July 2008 on Zenbu

August 1, 2008

July was one of the biggest months for Zenbu in a long time after tapping into the rich, coal seam underbelly of information that is hidden beneath the mountain of Local Government. We made some big progress receiving and adding to Zenbu the Food Premise databases of 6 of the 10 biggest Territorial Authorities.

Now Zenbu has every food premise within Auckland, Manukau, North Shore, Waitakere, Rodney, Dunedin and Papakura. A few other industries are covered under Environmental Health regulations such as Hairdressers, Funeral Directors & Tattoo Parlours and these are complete for Waitakere & Papakura. Ongoing work on this project can be followed on the wiki

Auckland City also supplied the details of every public toilet in the region but the data is such a dog’s breakfast that it will take some time to tidy up for general consumption. Until then, please just fold your legs.

All up 6468 edits and additions from 43 unique users in July bringing us to a rather exciting 48944 entries.

As always a big thank you to the people who are contributing every month and ‘giving forward’ so that others can have such accurate information at their fingertips

zenbu    6001
nzgooner    247
GaryMck    44
MauriceWinn    26
garyt    25
xr6_112001    15
burgla    14
rc8    13
peejayw    13
justabum    10
Kiwitonita    10
noelnoel    5

Looking forward to hitting the big 50,000 in August. Bring it on!!!


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