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June 2008 on Zenbu

July 9, 2008

Bit slow in getting this up, sorry to those people wanting the latest scoreboard stats!

1437 edits from 50 different users in June. Every month is our best month yet, woohoo.

As always a big thank you to the people who are contributing every month and ‘giving forward’ so that others can have such accurate information at their fingertips. Big editors this month were

zenbu 833
burgla 191
Kiwitonita 175
MauriceWinn 63
garyt 58
vrod_rider 14
jenthehen 11
peejayw 9
kane 7
rc8 5

Notable highlights for June were the addition of the
Mag & Turbo Warehouse
DS Wireless
The FlowerShop (thanks to AddWords)
4 Seasons (thanks to garyt)
Bakers Delight

every food premise (cafe, restaurant, dairy, fruit shop, bakery…) in Rodney District (352 sites not including the ones already listed!)
every aerodrome/heliport/airport in the country thanks to kiwitonita – cool!

July is already shaping up to be the biggest data month of the year, watch this space. Website traffic is strongly up which is great, the more people who use Zenbu and add/edit the data the better it will get, so keep spreading the word – Zenbu!


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