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July 8, 2008

I thought that getting spam was a great definer of success for Zenbu. But… TechCrunch asks,

But when can you truly say that a company has “made it?”

It’s when people start hating you, of course.

Yelp, a user-generated database of customer reviews of local businesses that is very popular in the USA, has inspired sites such as Yelp-Sucks and IHateYelp, mainly from business owners who don’t like the negative reviews they have received. Negative reviews precede the internet, obviously, but with sites such as Yelp it’s like the review has been painted on the walls outside the business for all to see. This is a problem any site offering reviews has to negotiate without compromising the users or the website itself.

Yelp CEO says it well, “We put the community first, the consumer second and businesses third.”

This is the exact opposite priority list to old-school businesses like the Yellow Pages, who have no community and simply see consumers as units to drive purchase of expensive advertising by business.

There aren’t any anti-Zenbu websites just yet, we haven’t even received any anti-Zenbu emails. Onwards and upwards!


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