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Rejoice for there is Spam

June 26, 2008

It’s not hard to see that pornography has driven technological change in the last quarter century. Proof :

  • VHS won over Betamax because the porn industry embraced VHS (apparently myth but a good one)
  • That multi-angle button on your DVD remote.
  • Click-through on porn spam is 280 times higher than the next most effective (pharmaceutical) spam.

Anyway the point of this is to say Zenbu just got it’s first real spam!

User papuli signed up on Monday (probably Sunday in Europe) and added a few Zenbu entries linking to his ‘sexy dating easyflirt’ sites. (Didn’t last long as the daily updates reviewer smelled a rat and quickly removed the entries.)

This is excellent validation of Zenbu as spammers must see Zenbu as a technology of the future.

Of course there are plenty of businesses for whom the key words ‘sex’ or ‘porn’ would not constitute spam so we’ll know we’ve really made it when searching Zenbu for those words (all time search engine favourites) gives more than a handful of results. Till then, toodle pip.

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