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March / April 2008 on Zenbu

May 6, 2008

We were remiss in posting about the activity on Zenbu last month so here is a double post to make up.  March and April were both active months with 40 and 45 people making at least one edit in each month respectively.

Big editors in March were

garyt     327
zenbu     276
burgla     142
hexzed     28
mentalinc     14
pmcke     12
vrod_rider     11
rodo     11
toddee     6
MauriceWinn     6
dave     5
The-Organist     5

And April

zenbu    593
garyt    39
brynderi    21
geoneddy    10
vrod_rider    8
wildcat_lgf    8
burgla    7
The-Organist    5
CeeVee    5
gordonz    5

Thanks to every one who contributed, small or large, it all counts.

There is obviously a real focus on quality of data by the mapping community using Zenbu as April marks the first time that our ‘orange’ markers, those businesses that we think aren’t placed on the map precisely, are less than 10% of the database. 4136 out of 41763 entries in Zenbu have orange markers today. Cool!

Zenbu data is Creative Commons licensed which allows, and encourages, others to use Zenbu data in their projects. The Zenbu POIs are already used in two external mapping projects – the New Zealand Open Source Maps and the MapToaster Topo Maps. The more people who use the Zenbu data, the better it will get, so it is exciting to see third parties using this resource.

In amongst all of the recent updates some chain stores and groups were completed which warrant mentioning.

Kiwibank ATMs (thanks to garyt)
Hunting & Fishing
Rebel Sport
Heaven’s Bakery (award winning pies in Napier!)
AB Equipment
YHA Backpacker Accommodation
Digital Mobile
Tonkin & Taylor (thanks to wildcat_lgf)

Thanks again to everyone who has and does contribute. Zenbu is becoming a very important source of information with your help.


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