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Mo’ Nifty

April 30, 2008

Some super nifty stuff appeared on my radar today.
Google integrates StreetView (360 degree street level imagery) with directions so you can actually see the entire route before going. They talk up the possibilities of checking toll pricing, parking signs and road pothole conditions which seems a little far-fetched even to me, but cool to know that it is possible.

Europe’s Galileo Project
On April 28 Europe successfully launched the 2nd satellite in their global navigation satellite system. Galileo will be a (compatible) competitor to the existing US controlled system. It won’t be fully operation until at least 2013 but will offer free positioning with down to 1m accuracy (it’s 5m on the US system) and a premium service with accuracy on the cm scale. Another big advantage over the current system is that it can receive distress beacons to alert the rescue coordination centre and provide feedback to the user that help is on its way. Galileo will offer faster fixes on the satellites and greater penetration into urban centres.

What does all this mean? It’s getting easier and easier to find everything!


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