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Tomtom is Go!

February 22, 2008

Tomtom is a world leader in handheld GPS devices and they launched in NZ last November. That’s a few years lag on other manufacturers like Garmin and Navman but I think Tomtom will do well. The hardware capabilities are all much of a muchness to me from any provider but Tomtom ‘gets’ the idea of using the community to enhance their product. They have built their MapShare technology right into every device, allowing any Tomtom user to make map and POI corrections then submit them back to Tomtom and share with other users.

That’s pretty cool and competes directly with what Zenbu does, in their own closed system.  So it was particularly rewarding to have a Tomtom user contact us about how they were converting the Zenbu POIs to the Tomtom format for loading on their maps! You never really know where your data can end up, but it’s awesome when you see it being used in new & innovative ways.

Edit: 29/02/2008 2:18:12 p.m.

The Zenbu 4 Tomtom project has its own webpage – it was a pleasure working with Matt, the developer, to rapidly advance this nifty piece of software. Well done Matt!


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