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Map Advertising

June 16, 2007

Opening up the Google Maps API put those maps on thousands (millions?) of websites for free. Obviously Google thought they would be able to monetise that eventually but I had struggled to understand how they would do it without being intrusive or ruining many a well designed mashup.

Now I get it. Google has released the Google AJAX Search API – Local Search Control for Google Maps. Now with just a few lines of code you can add the nifty local search functionality to your maps, including ads. Why will people do it? Because by providing your AdSense ID Google will split the advertising revenue with you. They don’t need to serve intrusive ads because people will optionally sign up to receive them. Or at least the developers will sign up to serve them and the user will click that search button…

Lat49 obviously thinks there’s money here too. Very much under wraps at the moment but the idea is an ad network integrated with whatever 3rd party map supplier you may be using (Google, Yahoo, Mapquest, whatever). Interesting and rapidly moving space.


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