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Yellow Relaunch

May 25, 2007

I attended a sneak-preview presentation of the new Yellow Pages website last night. There some key points to me

  • Studies show 40% of online ad spend in USA is on search, 56% in UK
  • YP has relationships with 200,000 advertisers in NZ
  • This is the first major update to their site since it launched in 1997
  • They have rebranded as Yellow (no ‘Pages’) to reflect their cross-medium coverage

The site itself looked pretty good. I didn’t expect to be impressed but I wasn’t underwhelmed. They are the monster in the marketplace and although they have all the data and all the customers, they are only just getting up to parity with the local competitors on features.

YP reached out to its advertisers late last year for more information. They got a 60% response with mail, email and phone followup which is extremely good – maybe we were all just amazed that YP was, for once, offering ‘more’ without charging more. Areas of focus seem to be Opening Hours, Parking Availability & Payment Methods. I see the last two being of marginal interest – I can usually find a park if I want one and everywhere accepts eftpos or credit…

One nice feature was the integration of the print ad that cost you thousands of dollars into the online listing as a picture.

They’re moved to using radial search, like the Zenbu Find Nearest, rather than just direct text which should allow much more tolerant results.

They’ve added a login and address book function, like Zenbu Bookmarks.

Overall Yellow is finally focusing a bit more on what the user needs rather than just the advertiser. The results are still ordered with something called ‘relevancy priority’ – which was followed by a little quick talking that seemed to mean there would still be a strong weighting for advertisers. Of course the presentation was generally to an advertising crowd, so that’s what they wanted!

The new site will be launching in a few weeks. Congratulations Yellow, you’ve given me a nice shiny new target.

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  1. Phnite permalink
    June 11, 2007 6:46 am

    It looks like they have finally released the new site

    But it is says it is Beta. How Web 2.0!!

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