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Old School

May 22, 2007

One of the most significant differences about ‘internet’ businesses are their ability to ‘release early and often’, a concept also known as the ‘continual beta’. I’ve worked with pre-internet businesses who plan website releases years in advance so it’s a real joy to be releasing new features on Zenbu days after we’ve thought of them.

A couple of news articles today reminded me of the troubles facing these old school businesses.

This article about the Canada Yellow Pages Group who have been reviewing their nomenclature for several years to add terms like ‘sushi’ and ‘tapas’ – next year.

But this article about the NZ Yellow Pages just reeks of something else. It’s against the terms and conditions to use the YP for business purposes so they’re approaching businesses and Government agencies who they suspect of misusing the yellowpages site – to make lists of potential customers. YP swears it’s not a matter of money and that they are doing this for their customers benefit – even though you can legally obtain that same data from them at a price.

Maybe I’m just bitter cause I don’t get to have release parties for my website… I’m off to the relaunch party on Thursday, can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on in the last 6 months!


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