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Yellow Pages Vandalised

May 2, 2007

Yellow Pages hits the front page of the news again. Some prankster spent $2700 putting an ad in the Auckland Yellow Pages paperback directory, which had close to a million copies distributed last month, for Ray’s Gym in Papakura. Ray’s gym is real but the ad slanderously refers to it as a “Gay Lesbian Homosexual Fitness Centre”.

Not only does Ray Parker have to suffer this ignominy for the rest of the year, but the person who placed the ad ‘requested confidentiality’ so he is having to battle the Privacy Act to find out who they were!

My heart goes out to Ray, maybe his free listing in Zenbu will help make up for the business he loses from this fiasco. 🙂

P.S. If someone went to the bother of playing such a prank on Zenbu, it would be so easy to fix as not to be worthy of any press. See our security page for details.


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