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Feel the Freeze

March 1, 2007

Today we launched the ‘Freeze’. (No, not some miniature movie villain that comes with a happy meal)

Listings on Zenbu can be edited by any registered user. Some business owners may prefer the security of knowing that no third party can edit their listing. They can choose to ‘Freeze’ their listing, so that only they can edit the listing, at a cost of $1 per month.

Zenbu provides free tools like RSS feeds on your listing data so that you could monitor a listing for any change. The ‘Freeze’ gives you the opportunity to not have to worry about it (and support Zenbu!). A frozen listing will also have certain bonus features available, but still under development…, like document upload – think brochures or menus.

It would be great if we didn’t have to worry about hooligans defacing our real world or virtual property. The beauty of virtual worlds like Zenbu and Wikipedia is that the community will largely look after the site themselves. I truly believe this and trust that people only freeze their listings for the bonus added features it also gives them!


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