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The Real Web 2.0

December 9, 2006

When I read Tim O’Reilly’s post What is Web 2.0? a year ago it flicked a switch in my head. It just all made sense to me although I couldn’t simply explain it to others.

The term Web 2.0 is often used to describe a bunch of cosmetic characteristics like round corners, bubbles, pastel colours but that’s certainly not what turns my dial. Even the mainstream media has picked up on it as a sunday magazine type article but today I read a paragraph that summed up the big picture.

Throughout history, each new medium (books, radio, cinema, television) has first been used to produce content equivalent to that found in existing media. The classic example is radio, which was first used to broadcast radio plays—content based on the familiar medium of theater. Eventually, however, out of the unique strengths of a medium will arise a new kind of content: one that doesn’t mimic what came before, but instead delivers an experience that would never have been possible before. Web 2.0 is that stage in the evolution of the Web as a medium.Recognizing Web 2.0 by Kevin Yank at

Web2.0 is not just a technology or a look, it’s a leap forward in the way we consume information and applications that enhance our daily lives. Who can imagine communication without mobiles and email? Who can imagine what life was like without Zenbu?


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